Decorative Acoustic Panels

At VisualPlanet, we not only acoustically condition your business but also offer you the latest trends in acoustic panels that absorb noise and reverberation and also decorate.

We create a unique and singular atmosphere adapted to the image your business needs, turning your place into a benchmark in its sector for its acoustic comfort and innovative image."

The new organic acoustic panels are 100% natural. Their manufacturing reduces CO2 carbon emissions and achieves high efficiency in acoustic quality, perfectly absorbing sound reverberation.

In a space not acoustically conditioned, reflected noise increases and people must raise their voices, which in turn increases reverberation and less is heard, requiring people to shout more.

Many customers stop going to places they remember as noisy and also discourage their friends from visiting.

Precise Diagnosis
Customized Solutions

At VisualPlanet, we believe that a thorough approach is essential to achieve excellence in acoustic conditioning.

Our experts start by gathering critical environmental information, considering not just the physical dimensions but also the unique characteristics of each surface and object within the space. From the textures of the walls to the composition of the furniture, each element is analyzed for its impact on the overall acoustics of the place.

If necessary, we employ sonometry to accurately measure noise and reverberation levels, identifying problematic frequencies that require attention. This evaluation allows us to create an exact representation of the current acoustic environment, serving as the basis for our customized solutions.

Using cutting-edge software, we transform this data into detailed 3D plans, allowing us to predict how each modification will affect the space's acoustics. This scientific approach ensures that our solutions are not only aesthetically appealing but also significantly improve sound quality, creating an acoustically optimized and comfortable environment for everyone.

Let us bring clarity and calm to your space with acoustic solutions that perfectly fit your needs and aesthetics.

Future Vision: Your space, transformed and silenced

At VisualPlanet, our commitment goes beyond simply eliminating noise; we aspire to transform your space into a masterpiece of tranquility and style. We understand that seeing is believing, which is why we offer an exclusive 3D rendering service so you can visualize the future of your environment before the transformation begins.

This process not only ensures that the acoustic conditioning meets your functional expectations but also integrates seamlessly with your space's aesthetics.

Our photorealistic renderings allow you to explore different designs and configurations, ensuring that the final solution is not only effective in noise elimination but also enhances the ambiance and decoration of your venue. This personalized approach means that each project is unique, tailored to your specific needs and the character of your space.

Let yourself be inspired by the possibility of a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment. With VisualPlanet, the acoustic and visual future of your space is in expert hands.

Contact us today to begin the journey towards transforming your venue.

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Acoustic conditioning of Hotel Lo Buenos in Tremp
Exterior view of Hotel Lo Buenos in Tremp, acoustically conditioned by VisualPlanet to improve sound quality in the dining room.
At Hotel Lo Buenos in Tremp, VisualPlanet has implemented a comprehensive acoustic solution for its dining room, eliminating issues of echo and reverberation.

Using detailed analyses and 3D simulations, acoustic panels were installed that not only improve sound quality but also respect and complement the space's aesthetics.

This project underscores our commitment to providing acoustic solutions that combine functionality and design, ensuring a comfortable and sophisticated experience for our clients.
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Detail of the ambient sound system installed by VisualPlanet - AiConnex inside the Santo Mojito beach bar at Playa Nova Icaria in Barcelona
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The installation includes robust, weather-resistant, and easy-to-handle equipment from ECLER and CESVA, which comply with the OMA environmental regulations of the Barcelona city council.

The system provides relaxing sound for chillout mode and vibrant sound for party nights, covering the entire beach bar area without expanding beyond the premises.
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