Digital Signage:

Energize your business

At VisualPlanet, we offer you professional digital signage solutions for your business (Digital Signage). We equip your company with the most powerful and versatile monitors on the market that will help you connect with your customers.

These monitors combine astonishing image quality with the best features designed for commercial use.

This digital solution offers a professional monitor with the latest signage and advertising content technology for digital signage, which can be managed from the cloud through platforms like AiConnex, offering endless possibilities and ensuring great performance for any type of business.

Comfortable and easy to place, they can be installed wherever is most convenient. Enjoy a practical and economical solution with low maintenance in just a few minutes.

Increase the advertising impact in your business

Digital signage influences customer purchasing decisions at the premises.

A screen with the right image or video encourages impulse buying.


A digital solution for your business

The presence of technology in our lives is such that businesses of all kinds find it almost essential to resort to innovation to attract customers to our businesses.

Signage TVs combine sophistication and functionality in displays capable of playing all types of content: video, image, PDF, web files, RSS, and much more.

It can be simultaneously connected to two sources, including live TV, and can be placed both horizontally and vertically for greater practicality.

Ability to attract customers

The integrated software offers simple and intuitive tools to create, edit, and play customized content. With a selection of over 200 simplified templates for designing messages and promotions of all types, presentations, information boards, menus, etc.

It is compatible with mobile devices to load and edit content in just a few clicks. It has integrated Wi-Fi, which facilitates connectivity with routers, tablets, and smartphones.


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High-brightness screens for advertising in shop windows
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High-brightness advertising screens Support high temperature and UVA rays.
OUVER presents the ideal solution to offer digital content in shop windows and very bright environments and/or in full sun. Intensive use 24/7 They have been designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now your advertising will reach the public