Professional Sound: You won't hear anything like it.

We love what we do, that's why we are fully committed to our projects.
We work with quality products, top brands, and we add all our enthusiasm to it, so you can fully enjoy a unique sound experience.

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Speakers, Mixing desk, Power stages, Microphones, Subwoofer and professional sound equipment

Audio Pro: Delight your ears

Professional sound installations, high-quality live sound for any type of audience.
Custom-made projects that ensure long-term success in each case.

Recording room with control desk and studio

Take the music everywhere

Visualplanet is a company specialized in professional sound installation services. Both in the public and private sectors.

Professional audio: High definition for large nightclubs, concert halls, theaters... Do you need to set up a home cinema at home?

Weatherproof Sound: Outdoor sound projects in terraces, gardens, and pools. Weather-resistant equipment prepared for extreme conditions.

Ambient Sound: Integration of a pleasant ambient sound in commercial premises, hotels, companies, private homes.

Spectacular Sound

We carry out comprehensive turnkey projects so that all you have to do is press play and fully enjoy a unique and spectacular sound immersion.

Tell us about your project, no matter how small or large it may be. We are confident that we have the solution.

  • Outdoor Sound
  • Churches and auditoriums
  • Dance floors
Outdoor speakers for gardens offering 360-degree sound

PA System: You will be heard better

Set of microphones, speakers, and other devices that, when properly coordinated, increase the volume of the sound to be broadcast in a place of high attendance.

Conference and meeting room with a unified microphone system

Sound reinforcement system

Sales and installation of PA systems, portable sound, microphones, wireless mics, indoor and outdoor speakers.

Portable equipment (PA): Which consists of a simple microphone connected to an amplified speaker for, for example, a guitarist-singer playing in a café, or a tour guide.

Indoor PA system: Offices, schools, shopping centers, conference rooms, auditoriums, churches...

Outdoor PA system: Schoolyards, sports facilities, shopping centers, and parking lots...

Architectural integration

We are demanding with ourselves. In all our installations, design and decoration are always at the forefront.

We calculate sound pressure, sound projection angles, reverberation... to comply with OMA regulations and never disturb neighboring residents.

  • We pay the utmost attention to details and finishes.
  • We work closely with the architects and decorators of the projects entrusted to us.
  • We install top brands that meet most of our clients' needs.
BOSE speakers for hidden installation in ceiling or wall, available in black or white

Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment: Not a nuisance!!!

At VisualPlanet, we provide solutions to one of the main problems we face.
We calculate and carry out the project for noise confinement and reduction.

Lit dance hall with people dancing

Precise Calculation

Sometimes, a well-made calculation of the equipment involved in the installation is enough. We calculate and carry out the entire project for noise confinement and reduction.

If you are thinking of setting up a concert hall, a multi-level nightclub, or installing a professional audio system in your garden, it is advisable to inform yourself about the current regulations and ensure they are followed.

What some perceive as a pleasant sound, others suffer as annoying noise. We study your case.

Soundproofing and Acoustic Insulation

In each project, the client's needs must be clearly identified in a comprehensive design.

Our staff listens attentively and offers comprehensive solutions for the soundproofing of your premises.

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The Importance of Cables in Sound Installations
Pure copper audio cable coils for outdoor use, ideal for high-quality sound installations
The quality of the cable is crucial to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance in sound installations.

This article details the different types of cables, from pure copper to copper-aluminum blends and their impacts on sound quality and installation reliability.
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Discover the latest in professional audio technology at the new Showroom/Training Center of Neec Iberia in Barcelona.
Speakers from the Ecler Showroom
Neec Iberia has recently opened a comprehensive space for demonstrations and training at the Ecler factory in Barcelona.
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Ecler launches a comprehensive tutorial of the VIDA Series.
VIDA Series amplifiers tutorial
Ecler ProAudio has created a series of video tutorials to introduce installers and audiovisual integrators to all the features of its new Digital Amplifier Series.

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06/06/2024 | Restoration
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Installation of Sound System at Santo Mojito Beach Bar
Detail of the ambient sound system installed by VisualPlanet - AiConnex inside the Santo Mojito beach bar at Playa Nova Icaria in Barcelona
VisualPlanet – AiConnex, has implemented a high-quality sound system in the iconic Santo Mojito beach bar at Playa Nova Icaria in Barcelona.

The installation includes robust, weather-resistant, and easy-to-handle equipment from ECLER and CESVA, which comply with the OMA environmental regulations of the Barcelona city council.

The system provides relaxing sound for chillout mode and vibrant sound for party nights, covering the entire beach bar area without expanding beyond the premises.
07/02/2024 | Restoration | Technology
Sound | Limiter | Sound Control | Ecler | Ambient Sound | Sonos | Cesva | Acoustic Sustainability
High-Quality Ambient Sound in Santamasa Sarrià
Santamasa Sarrià Restaurant in Barcelona with High-Quality Ambient Sound System
Santamasa Sarrià Restaurant, located in Barcelona's iconic Sarrià square, blends charm and fresh Mediterranean cuisine with a high-quality sound system compliant with environmental regulations, delivering an unparalleled acoustic ambiance for an exceptional dining experience.
20/04/2023 | Hospitality | Technology
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Premium Sound System Installation at Kimpton Vividora Hotel
Luxury Sound Installation on the Terrace of the Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona
At the iconic Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona, VisualPlanet has carried out a premium sound system installation that enhances the luxurious and upscale atmosphere of the hotel.

This project includes advanced sound equipment from ECLER and VOID, optimized for elegant environments. The multi-zone system covers both the vibrant terrace and the exclusive 'Fauna' restaurant, ensuring an exceptional auditory experience without violating environmental regulations.

This installation not only enhances the customer experience but also reinforces the hotel's sophisticated image.