Image: More Than 1000 Words.

We feel true passion for our profession. We work with quality products, top brands, and add all our enthusiasm, so you can fully enjoy an incredible visual experience.

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Large Format Image: stand out from the rest

From the huge VideoWalls that preside over large nightclubs and shopping centers, to large format screens for advertising in shops and hospitality.


A Great Visual Impact

A VideoWall is a matrix of synchronized screens that form a large screen.

Professional LED monitors are the devices that will display the images and make up the matrix that simulates the giant screen, these monitors are specially designed to work continuously throughout the year.

It is essential to have high-quality content to display on the video wall, considering that the video resolution is adequate and the contents are attractive to achieve optimal impact.

If we add audio to the images or videos displayed on a video wall, the possibilities of capturing the target audience's attention increase considerably.

Large Format Screens

There are LED displays over 75" (available in 83", 98", 100") that are ultra-thin, long-lasting, and very low consumption. Moreover, they offer high brightness and good contrast, ensuring excellent visibility from any viewing angle.

Ideal for countless applications in digital signage, such as digital signage in shops, sports events, museums, and shopping centers. They offer great flexibility, as they can be installed both horizontally and vertically.


Video Mapping: Animation On Surfaces

Projection on real, usually inanimate, surfaces to achieve an artistic and unusual effect based on the movements that create animations on these surfaces.

Reproductions, Art, and Advertising

Video mapping is a tool that has been used in many aspects, both artistic and purely commercial.

Architectural Mapping: Mapping to highlight buildings with historical or architectural value. This type of mapping is the most globally used in major capitals, in cultural events. Its purpose is to temporarily beautify the architectural value of a building, telling the story of the place or simply giving a fantastic touch to the architecture.

Corporate Mapping: Mapping for product presentations, brand events, and/or advertising campaigns. Corporate mappings are used by advertising agencies. They are especially used to launch a new product or brand to the market. The usual settings are large buildings to give more visibility and impact to the projection. Lately, mini or micro mappings are revolutionizing this technique as they offer smaller and more economical formats.

Artistic Mapping: An alternative and spectacular option for stage designs in large theater productions, operas, and live music. In the arts, such as scenography, video mapping is already being introduced into works, as it has been seen and proven to be much more convenient for projecting and changing scenes at will. Projection is also used to reinforce the story being told, meaning that actors often blend in with the projection, like the costumes.

Resolume Arena & Avenue

Resolume is software for real-time audiovisual manipulation, capable of supporting both audio and image and video mixing.

This powerful audiovisual interpretation tool allows you to launch video clips, audio, or video with audio; and allows you to mix them, manipulate them, apply effects, and display the result for a live performance or to record it.

Resolume consists of software for real-time audiovisual manipulation, capable of supporting the mix of both audio and images and video.


Home Cinema: At Home like in the Cinema

With VisualPlanet, enjoy incredible image quality, exceptional audio, and easy connectivity with the best cinematic projectors and Home Cinema systems.


Install a Home Cinema

Your living room turns into a comfortable and convenient cinema; enjoy great movies with high realism and intensity.

Whether in a compact downtown apartment or in the spacious living room of your chalet, we have options to complete the perfect setup for your home cinema.

Obtain elegant and quality sound, enjoy a true 5.1 channel Surround sound experience with an integrated system.

You just have to choose the movie and have a movie night with friends... at home.

Sound and Image in 4K Quality

Think of top-quality projection screens integrated into the ceiling that are activated with a simple “click,” or custom-made fixed frame screens with 3D fabrics.

Add to this a high-resolution image and cinematic sound. We opt for top brands. Trust us... this is our proposal.


Environmental Video Projection: Impressive!!!

At VisualPlanet, we integrate completely invisible projection systems, with one-click concealment systems, to leave everyone speechless.

Hidden Projection

Sometimes we encounter spaces intended to serve a dual function. This has happened to us in museums or reception halls that appear strict and serious, but at some point require a projection on the wall.

For example, a presentation of a novel product, the screening of a short film, or simply a cyclic content set up to liven up an evening.

Restaurants, music bars, hotels, clothing boutiques... are some of our clients.

Everything remains hidden from view and perfectly integrated into the decor of the place or room.

Concealment Systems

We offer unique and innovative design solutions. In our installations, we pay close attention to details.

  • We pay utmost attention to details and finishes.
  • We work closely with the architects and decorators of the projects entrusted to us.
  • We install top brands that meet most of our clients' needs.

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