Shortening the distances

Following the last pandemic crisis, various studies have shown that all those companies that have invested in videoconferencing systems and have provided their workers with collaboration tools, have moved forward and have noticed significant growth, even exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

At VisualPlanet, we provide our clients with the most modern technology and integrate compact systems for small or large meeting rooms in their companies, so that their communication has no borders.

We also offer desktop solutions so that your workers have all the power of collaboration and videoconferencing from anywhere.

Prepare your business for success

Equip your company with products that allow you to work now and scale in the future

Connect and work as a team by sharing ideas

Meeting room with videoconferencing and double monitor with whiteboard viewing

Videoconference rooms

At VisualPlanet, we offer you the solution your company needs, achieving high-quality conferences in rooms of all sizes, easy to use and compatible with many existing platforms Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex...

We offer cameras and audio systems with AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) integrated, which can automatically focus and frame participants who are speaking, just as microphones redirect sound to that area and cancel noise from other areas.

There are many essential accessories, such as participation systems for in-person and remote users, that allow the use of conventional whiteboards and transmit the content of the whiteboard in video meetings with exceptional clarity.

Office, home, or desk

Teleworking exists

We provide your workers with the necessary tools for teleworking and/or for their personal desk positions at home or office.

They will always be connected with their company and clients, creating great synergy for collaboration among departments and streamlining teamwork.

We equip any personal workspace with the necessary technology to integrate into any videoconference meeting.

Smart cameras with advanced technology, sound equipment and microphones with noise cancellation, all-in-one base stations with meeting controls…

Remote working videoconferencing solution for desktop
System for meeting room booking

Room booking

How many times do we have an important meeting and the room is already occupied.
This is undoubtedly a big problem.

We offer a reservation system that is installed at the entrance of the meeting room and shows availability, existing meeting, usage time, next meeting...

Reservations are automatically managed from the usual application used by the company (Microsoft, Zoom, Google Meet...) No additional software.

Create a meeting in Teams or Outlook, for example, invite attendees, choose the date, duration, and room. OK, the reservation will appear.

Easy, right?