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21/05/2024 | Hospitality | Restoration | Technology
Sound | Ambient Sound | Cables
The Importance of Cables in Sound Installations
Pure copper audio cable coils for outdoor use, ideal for high-quality sound installations
The quality of the cable is crucial to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance in sound installations.

This article details the different types of cables, from pure copper to copper-aluminum blends and their impacts on sound quality and installation reliability.
Don't miss our recommendations to achieve maximum efficiency and durability in your sound projects.
01/03/2024 | Education | Technology
Sound | Ecler | Void Acoustics | Showroom | Lynx Pro Audio
Discover the latest in professional audio technology at the new Showroom/Training Center of Neec Iberia in Barcelona.
Speakers from the Ecler Showroom
Neec Iberia has recently opened a comprehensive space for demonstrations and training at the Ecler factory in Barcelona.
28/02/2024 | Education | Technology
Sound | Dante | Ecler
Ecler launches a comprehensive tutorial of the VIDA Series.
VIDA Series amplifiers tutorial
Ecler ProAudio has created a series of video tutorials to introduce installers and audiovisual integrators to all the features of its new Digital Amplifier Series.
23/02/2023 | Education | Hospitality | Industry | Leisure | Retail | Certificates | Technology
Public Address | Sound | Digital Signage | Projection | Dante | Certifications | Advanced Communication
VisualPlanet acquires the 3 2nd Edition Dante Certifications for Advanced Audiovisual Communication
Dante Certificates Level 1, 2, and 3 obtained by VisualPlanet
With the recent Dante certifications (Level 1, 2, and 3), VisualPlanet extends its excellence in sound and video installations optimized for LAN and WAN, promising scalable and efficient audiovisual communication.
04/03/2020 | Hospitality | Restoration | Retail
Public Address | Sound | Ecler
WiSpeak: Wireless Professional Sound
WiSpeak: Wireless Professional Audio Easy, fast, and clean installations.
WiSpeak: Wireless Professional Audio Easy, fast, and clean installations.
Complex installations are over, as the new WiSpeak system features the latest wireless audio transmission technology that avoids interference, thus, we avoid having to wire your business. Ideal for your business.
19/12/2019 | Hospitality | Restoration | Retail
Advertising Screens | Digital Signage | Ouver
High-brightness screens for advertising in shop windows
High brightness and temperature screen showing an OUVER screen with the image of a car, with floor stands
High-brightness advertising screens Support high temperature and UVA rays.
OUVER presents the ideal solution to offer digital content in shop windows and very bright environments and/or in full sun. Intensive use 24/7 They have been designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now your advertising will reach the public
03/10/2017 | Leisure | Restoration
Projection | Projection Screens | Ouver
Ouver Giant Plus Screen Installed at KM5 in Ibiza
Ouver Giant Plus Outdoor Screen Installed at KM5 in Ibiza
An Outdoor Screen that withstands time... and years.
The legendary KM5 is the most attractive restaurant, bar, and outdoor garden in Ibiza. Several years ago, it opted for one of the giant screens from our technological partner OUVER.