A VideoWall is a matrix of synchronized screens that resemble a large screen or with different distributed contents.

Screens or specific LED monitors are usually used for VideoWall and also LED panels, that display the images and make up the matrix that simulates the giant screen and adapts to our space.

These products are specially designed to work continuously throughout the year and are commonly used in control rooms, videoconferencing, advertising, or decoration.

For advertising, it is essential to have a advertising content of high quality to display on the VideoWall, considering that the resolution, the video format and the aspect ratio, be adequate and that the contents are attractive to achieve optimal impact.

If we add audio to the content displayed on the VideoWall, the possibilities of capturing the target audience's attention increase considerably.

What utility will the Video Wall have?

A control room, a meeting room, advertising, museums, decoration...


Control rooms

We offer solutions with reliable performance in mission-critical operation centers. Surveillance and security, Emergency operations, Operation and control dashboards in the industry SCADA, Organizational charts and IT schematics in CPDs

We develop solutions that use the latest software technology with minimal proprietary hardware and wiring, reducing costs and maintenance issues.

Our videowall systems for control rooms are based on standards and protocols that are continuously updated without having to update the hardware, allowing simultaneous display of multiple content sources (Windows, OS, Browsers, TV, Cameras, VNC, Desks, RSS…)

Any source of information, from anywhere in the world, can be transmitted to your videowall to be controlled in real time, thanks to the AV communications over IP that we implement.

Advertising and marketing

Your business must be modernized, it must implement the latest digital signage technologies ( Digital Signage) and at VisualPlanet we offer you a long history and experience in the sector.

The possibilities for flexibility and scalability are incredible.
We can implement from a simple information point with a single monitor or two-screen videowall, which can scale up and grow to large infrastructure systems with multiple videowalls and monitors spread across all your stores in different locations around the planet.
Even so, the content can be controlled and managed centrally from a single point.

Control the content, giving access only to users or groups of users with the necessary roles and permissions to perform certain tasks.

The ease of content creation and management will allow anyone in your company to create and manage attractive content.

Office and meeting room

Your company cannot stagnate, it must innovate and needs to have the necessary current tools of the latest technology.

A videowall offers the possibility to display one or multiple data sources in full screen, which are necessary for decision-making.
In fact, today, most desk jobs already have two monitors, so in a meeting room or common work area a videowall is even more necessary.

Being able to offer real-time information from various contents and databases while sharing and maintaining a video conference, for example, is essential today.

We offer you a scalable and secure system. You can start with 2 or more screens and gradually expand. Include additional screens to the same videowall or in other locations of the company, even in another city. Everything can be managed and controlled from one or several points, according to user permissions and roles. The return on investment is assured.


In the hospitality, restaurant, and leisure sector, decoration and artistic innovation in the premises are one of the most important points valued by today's new customers.

Not everything is information and advertising. A videowall allows you to offer art and dress the walls of your premises with impressive effects, according to the aesthetics or result you want to offer. Whether it's warm and rustic or cool and urban environments.

We can create various environments using multiple screens of different sizes and formats, as well as different angles of inclination to create a unique work of art, especially for your business, that immediately identifies you to customers and makes you stand out from your competition.

We are in the digital era and must take advantage of it to create artistic environments and unique and singular architectural spaces.

Infinite formats and sizes

LED panels have advanced tremendously and now the limit is the imagination.

Custom design

We design and create the LED panel screen your company needs

Regardless of the resolution, size, brightness, type of management, structure, corporate color, with your logo painted or die-cut on the structure, indoor or outdoor, for placement on wall, floor, ceiling...

We create through CAD the design of the screen and the electronics it must include, as well as the structure, which is made with the most innovative technologies, such as the laser cutting, robotic folding, electrostatic painting and special finishes...

You just need to provide us with your idea, and we will develop the project with the solution and a turnkey service.

A satisfactory result and a unique solution, adapted to your company.

What is the utility?

Today, there are high-resolution LED panels that make them ideal for the large digital screen needed in a meeting room or auditorium, with the added advantage of being able to create a VideoWall in the desired format and size.

The high brightness of the LED panels and their weather protection in those models designed for outdoor use, offers the possibility of creating large and attractive outdoor advertising screens, or for decorating large surfaces on facades.

Another advantage of some LED panels is their flexibility, which allows for the creation of true curved sets that offer an immersive experience to the user. These flexible panels are ideal for the leisure, museum, and decoration sectors.

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