Premium Sound System Installation at Kimpton Vividora Hotel

20/04/2023 | Hospitality | Technology
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VisualPlanet Installs Sound at Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona


In the vibrant historic heart of Barcelona stands the Kimpton Vividora, a 5-star hotel where design and luxury blend harmoniously. This establishment offers a select and elegant atmosphere inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Awarded in 2023 with the World Luxury Hotel Awards and the Best Luxury Lifestyle Hotel, among others.

In its stunning "Terraza de Vivi," guests can enjoy a unique experience, whether savoring a brunch, tasting impromptu tapas during the day or at sunset, with a spectacular panoramic view of Barcelona, or relaxing by its magnificent pool.

The "Fauna" restaurant, with its cozy and warm atmosphere, enhances the hotel's prestige by presenting the essence of traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, reinvented with a creative and modern approach.

To complement these exceptional environments, it was crucial that the quality of the sound installation was up to par.

It was essential to properly manage the sound on the terrace in all its areas, allowing for live music or ambient events.

Likewise, in the "Fauna" restaurant, it was essential to improve the sound quality in each of its different rooms, without forgetting to comply with the regulations of the Barcelona City Council and environmental ordinances (OMA).


Technologically advanced sound system installation to enhance the audio experience in a hotel that becomes a benchmark while respecting environmental regulations.
Barrio Gótico - Barcelona


For the "Terraza Vivi," VisualPlanet's engineering team conducted a comprehensive study of sound pressure viability and sound projection angles, ensuring that neighbors are not disturbed, even at maximum volume. To ensure the highest outdoor sound quality, we chose weather-resistant speakers from the renowned VOID brand, whose fresh and elegant design is ideal for upscale and luxurious environments.

System control is carried out with equipment from the prestigious ECLER brand. A digital matrix, along with several multichannel power amplifiers, allows for sophisticated management of each of the created zones, all easily controllable from a simple mobile phone. Additionally, the system includes a CESVA-approved limiter-recorder, complying with strict OMA ordinances.

In the "Fauna Restaurant," we also installed VOID ceiling speakers that provide exceptional sound quality, controlled through ECLER power amplifiers. Here, another CESVA-approved limiter-recorder is included to comply with OMA regulations.

The result is a very high-quality sound with a unique, innovative, and fresh aesthetic, which currently positions this hotel among the best internationally in terms of its sound installation.


High-efficiency VOID speakers on the ceiling of the Fauna Restaurant, Kimpton Vividora Hotel, providing high-fidelity sound and thunderous bass.

Fauna Restaurant

In the Fauna Restaurant, ceiling-embedded VOID speakers have been installed.
Their advanced design and high sound sensitivity ensure high-fidelity audio, delivering powerful bass and clear trebles even at low volume.
VOID speakers at Kimpton Vividora Hotel's pool, designed to focus sound in specific relaxation areas.

Poolside Speakers

Each pair of sunbeds features a unique VOID speaker, delivering high-quality sound.
Its dispersion angle focuses audio in specific areas, perfect for relaxation.
Weather-resistant VOID speakers on the terrace of Hotel Kimpton Vividora, focusing sound on specific areas and avoiding dispersion.

Speakers on the Vivi Rooftop

In the bar area, weather-resistant VOID speakers with dual-cone design are placed, offering a wide horizontal dispersion and a narrow vertical angle, optimizing sound in specific areas and avoiding dispersion to neighboring areas.
VOID, ECLER, and CESVA sound electronics centralized at Kimpton Vividora Hotel, remotely manageable for efficient control.

Sound System

The sound electronics from VOID, ECLER, and CESVA are centralized in different Rack cabinets, in air-conditioned rooms. Being a system wirelessly managed from a mobile phone, it provides the flexibility of not having to move to the rack cabinet to perform control.
Customized control panels at Kimpton Vividora Hotel, accessible and operable from mobiles for efficient audio control.

Control Panels

Multiple control panels are created, and a list of users with privileges and access from their own mobile phones is established.
Audio source, volume, and equalization for each zone can be selected independently. By doing it IN-SITU, the user hears what they control.
CESVA sound limiters at Kimpton Vividora Hotel, adhering to OMA ordinances and maintaining music level with AI.

Sound Limiter

Sound is managed by several CESVA-approved limiter-recorders to comply with the required OMA environmental ordinances.
They include the ENOS system with AI that distinguishes between audience shouts, applause, or whistles to avoid affecting the music and maintain the same musical level.

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