Public Address and Music Scheduler System at Doctor Trueta School

29/04/2021 | Education
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Entrance of the Escola Doctor Trueta with public address installation


The school needs a sound system to manage the public address, both musical and microphonic. In addition, it is necessary to be able to use the sound equipment to musically celebrate parties in the courtyard when required.

The system must manage the entry and exit times of the classes and patios with music that they can change themselves.

The sound must cover the large front patios, the rear ones, and the separate kindergarten building, but with the possibility of sending sound and microphone messages to the entire center or to one or several specific areas.

It is very important not to disturb the neighbors with the sound as there are buildings very close to the center.


Planning and installation of the center's public address system.
Escola Doctor Trueta
Viladecans (Barcelona)

Client's Comment

The installation meets all the requested requirements. We are very satisfied with VisualPlanet's installation.


A public address and music scheduling system has been installed in the Doctor Trueta school, which as a result, meets the client's needs.

The calculations made of the sound pressure also allowed for a precise and budget-friendly installation.

The ordinances of the acoustic impact regulations (OMA) are met to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Therefore, they now send notices, microphony, and audio to each area independently. In addition to having evacuation and confinement plans.

With the public address and music scheduler in Doctor Trueta school, they can hold events and parties outside because it covers the large external patios.
In addition, it integrates the complete school calendar. Entry and exit times, breaks, intensive days, weekends, holidays, public holidays.

The client easily assigns the songs they want for each event and can change them at any time according to their criteria.


Horn installed outside escola Doctor Trueta

Outdoor Speakers (The Exterior)

Sound sensitivity, dispersion angle, and frequency have been considered according to their location.

The result offers spectacular audio quality in the areas to be covered and respects the adjacent residential buildings.
Speakers and Sound Control Installed in Escola Doctor Trueta

The Interior

Inside the kindergarten building, the double speaker is ideal as it allows sound to be projected in the entrance and side corridors of the building.

The volume control system for that area allows adjusting the sound independently from the rest of the buildings.
Audio Control System in Doctor Trueta School

Control system

The sound and public address control system allows transmitting microphone messages or music to different areas independently, ensuring the highest possible sound quality.

The complete school calendar has been programmed to play the songs at the precise time and duration. Likewise, it executes the evacuation and confinement system.

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