Ecler Sound Installation at Lladró Barcelona

15/07/2022 | Retail | Technology
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Elegant interior of the Lladró boutique with integrated sound system, reflecting luxury and contemporary design.


Since 1953, Lladró is a world-leading brand in the design, manufacture, and distribution of a wide range of high-quality handcrafted porcelain art creations. Today, it has a presence in more than 120 countries across all continents.

On Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona's emblematic luxury street, the Lladró center needed to improve and adapt the sound to the type of establishment with multiple areas, as well as to facilitate the way it was managed and to increase its reliability and quality.


Improve and adapt the sound with easy-to-use equipment.
Paseo de Gràcia - Barcelona


For this type of installation, we focused on the ECLER brand, which ensures and guarantees reliability with a continuous response and perfect sound quality for this requirement.

The class D stages used employ pulse modulation techniques and achieve greater efficiency. They are cooled by convection and do not use internal fans, making them completely silent. Improving and adapting the sound with easy-to-use equipment.


Lladró porcelain showcased with VisualPlanet sound system inside the boutique.

Lladró Sound and Visual Art

The interior of the Lladró boutique is enhanced with a discreetly integrated VisualPlanet sound system. Each porcelain figurine is enhanced with impeccable acoustics, creating an atmosphere that captures the essence of craftsmanship and art.
Sound technology blends with design, providing a complete sensory experience for every visitor, immersing them in the sophistication and tradition of Lladró.
Professional Ecler sound system installed at the Lladró boutique for a high-quality acoustic experience.

Advanced Acoustic Technology

The Ecler sound system, essential for the Lladró boutique, is designed to seamlessly integrate with the store's aesthetics and provide the highest audio fidelity. Class D amplifiers and sound processors are chosen for their superior performance and ability to deliver clear and precise sound, essential for environments where quality is paramount.
This technology not only enhances the customer experience but also highlights the beauty of artistic porcelain with a tailored soundtrack.

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