Ambient music installation at Cal Cofa restaurant

02/12/2020 | Restoration | Technology
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Lounge of Cal Cofa Restaurant with VisualPlanet sound system


Cal Cofa is a restaurant in Cerdanya with a high gastronomic level, serving dishes made with local products, meat and dairy from their own livestock, and vegetables from their garden.

The place is usually quite busy and it's hard to find a spot without prior reservation, despite having 3 floors and 2 private lounges on the upper floor, as well as a new dining room in the patio overlooking the garden where one can have a drink before getting a table.

The client's need is to have a centralized ambient music system with a high sound quality, covering all the lounges and the patio, and allowing sound control for each area from the system and from each area. Emphasis is placed on sound quality and allowing the sound to flow through the lounge without being centered in various points.

Quality musical content is also required, with the necessary permissions and licenses for its reproduction.


Planning and Installation of a Centralized Music System
Restaurante Cal Cofa
Llívia (Girona)

Client's Comment

We urgently needed to soundproof the restaurant with several independent rooms located on three floors, in addition to the external patio lounge.

The proposed solution was better than expected and the final result has been a complete success.

Excellent professionals and perfect service. Thank you for the job well done.


After studying each of the lounges, we considered the products of the ECLER brand, as it offers a wide range of products for soundproofing the rooms with high sound quality.

We strategically placed high-end speakers in the ceilings of the lounges because they offer penetrating low frequencies that enhance the quality of the music and voice, even at low volume, as well as crystal-clear and delicate sounds when the music requires them.

For the outdoor patio sound, we placed the range of outdoor speakers that perfectly withstand the extreme climate of Cerdanya and paid special attention to the sound pressure, as well as the audio projection angle of each of the speakers to comply with the ordinances of the acoustic impact regulation (OMA), in this way neighbors will not be disturbed

The installation is managed with powerful and precise multichannel stages, in addition to a matrix that allows us to equalize and control the volume of the sound in each area (lounges and outdoor patio). In addition, each area includes an additional control that allows selecting the musical channel, equalizing the sound, and controlling the volume.

The musical content is managed by a player connected via the internet to the AiConnex platform, which offers a wide musical menu with more than 250,000 songs classified by styles and/or type of business and reproduction rights. The player also has a backup system that automatically detects a possible internet cut and plays memorized musical content.


Outdoor speakers installed in the exterior patio of Cal Cofa Restaurant

Outdoor Speakers (The Exterior)

For the exterior patio, outdoor Ecler speakers are used, which withstand the extreme climate of Cerdanya.

We have taken into account the temperature and humidity in winter and summer in the area to choose the power, sound sensitivity, dispersion angle, and frequency according to their location.

It offers good audio quality in the external patio, respecting the neighboring houses.
Ecler Multi-Zone Sound System installed in Cal Cofa Restaurant by VisualPlanet

The sound system

Allows sending sound to each area on the different floors and the outdoor patio simply, equalizing each area independently to ensure the best possible sound quality.

Based on Ecler's multichannel stages and a mixing matrix that allows for independent equalization of each area.
Independent Sound Controller Installed in Cal Cofa Restaurant by VisualPlanet

The independent controllers

Each room also has a controller that allows taking control of the sound in that area, enabling the selection of the music channel, equalizing the sound, or adjusting the volume.

In this way, the sound quality can be more precisely adjusted In-Situ.
AiConnex Sound Platform Installed in Cal Cofa Restaurant by VisualPlanet

The musical content of AiConnex

The AiConnex music platform guarantees quality musical content adapted to the tastes of Cal Cofa restaurant. It also includes reproduction rights.

The player itself connects directly with the platform and plays the selected channel. Likewise, the customer can also change the music channels from the player's panel or from the app installed on their smartphone.

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