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19/12/2019 | Hospitality | Restoration | Retail
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High brightness and temperature screen on a double stand with an ad featuring a girl
Supports high temperature and UVA rays OUVER presents the ideal solution for offering digital content in shop windows and very bright environments and/or in full sun.

Intensive use 24/7 They have been designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now your advertising will reach the public at all times.

Supports high Temperature 110ÂșC Place it in a shop window facing the sun, because its panel, the incorporated industrial electronics, and its metal structure will not let it be affected, plus it perfectly withstands UVA rays.

High brightness Up to 3,000cd of brightness, ensuring perfect visibility in very high brightness environments such as shop windows.

Light sensor Additionally, the built-in light sensor adjusts the brightness to the environment, allowing compliance with the required lighting regulations, as well as the consequent energy savings.

Integrated Multimedia Player They play multimedia content (Photos, video, and audio) from any connected USB device, in a basic way. It is recommended to use an optional ProSys player for parameterization and management from the AiConnex cloud. (Artificial Intelligence Connex) It is a specific cloud publishing platform for ProSys and IoT devices and allows remote and centralized content management from the internet. In just 5 minutes, you can update all digital signage systems from one or several countries around the world.

Floor or ceiling support Finally, the robust support allows its placement on the floor or ceiling, as well as the mounting of the monitor in horizontal or vertical position.

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