WiSpeak: Wireless Professional Audio Easy, fast, and clean installations.

04/03/2020 | Hospitality | Restoration | Retail
Public Address | Sound | Ecler
Complex installations are over, as the new WiSpeak system features the latest wireless audio transmission technology that avoids interference, thus, we avoid having to wire your business. Ideal for your business.

Ideal for your business The installation is simple. If you also have electrical rails, we can install them in minutes. They go unnoticed among the lights and the result is clean, with impressive sound quality.

We can connect up to 24 units to a Core switchboard system, which allows covering up to 500m2 premises without separations.

But if your premises are larger or have several floors, no problem, we can expand the installation by simply adding Core stations.

You have the control. In addition to controlling the audio system from the Core switchboard control panel or from the installation preview, we install an App on your mobile so that from there, you can take control of the sound.

VisualPlanet, when carrying out the installation, configures the Core switchboard creating speaker groups, for example, the speakers of zone 1, the hallway, the gentleman's area, etc... This way, you can easily modify the volume, the equalization of each group independently, and even of each speaker from your mobile.

Send the audio if you wish from your own mobile phone, computer, or tablet directly to the Core Switchboard.

VisualPlanet also offers you musical content The AiConnex music platform offers your business more than 225,000 updated songs, to which more and more international artists and producers are added. It is an on-demand music service that you can stream and has the legal license and certificate for use in your business.

Musical channels are separated by Musical Genre, mood, type of business...

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