An Outdoor Screen that withstands wind gusts and UV rays

03/10/2017 | Leisure | Restoration
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Projection on Ouver Giant Plus screen installed at KM5 in Ibiza
The legendary KM5 is the most attractive restaurant, bar, and outdoor garden in Ibiza. Several years ago, it opted for one of the giant screens from our technological partner OUVER.

This screen is strongly reinforced for placement in Ouver Giant Plus structures, composed of a very robust projection fabric with rings placed all around the viewing area that allows it to be secured to any existing structure in the location using tensioners or nylon ropes.

Made of Ouver's high-quality and sturdy Blanca Hardy projection fabric with a granulated white surface that offers a good reflective factor and viewing angle, distributing the color and light of the projection with brilliant image quality.

Designed for Outdoor Placement

Includes UV ray protection and waterproof anti-humidity treatment, developed exclusively for use in outdoor and indoor environments that require large viewing areas and must withstand the elements.

The Ouver Giant Plus screen is washable and fire-resistant, free of Cadmium components according to the European Union EU-CE standard regulations, and under the M-2 fire protection certification that delays the flame. It also has exclusive protections for outdoor placement under harsh weather conditions, as it is equipped with special robustness such as UV ray protection, resistance to extreme temperatures against cold and direct sunlight, according to DIN 55361 and COMPLAN, waterproof anti-humidity protection, and special microbiocidal treatment to prevent fungi and bacteria due to rain.

Great Robustness

Its double-thickness edges all around the viewing area have been thermo-sealed, creating an almost unbreakable surface, so that once the screen is tensioned, it withstands great impacts and the force of the wind without the fabric suffering at the ring parts.

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Ouver Giant Plus Screen Installed at KM5 in Ibiza
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